Best Golf Practice Net 2017

Our Official Golf Net Review

We’ve decided to review the most popular golf practice nets on the market today. In our experiment, we looked into two of the most popular nets out there and tested three important factors of a golf net: Assembly/Disassembly, Size, and Functionality. We’ll go from the most expensive to the least expensive:

The Net Return Pro: $400 – $600



  • Good size for any club – Safe against shanks or lofty shots (only if you’re closeup to the net
  • Good net quality – one of the best in the market
  • Multi-sport net


  • One of the most expensive nets on the market
  • Setup and cleanup takes the longest (best to set it and forget it)
  • Ball return is not that great unless you’re closeup to the net
  • No feed back for good or bad shots
  • Hitting mat not included.

Full Net Return Pro Review

The Net Return brand is one of the most popular names out there when it comes to hitting nets in general. All their nets are multi-purpose nets and can be used for multiple sports. It comes in three different variations: Home Series ($395), Mini Pro Series ($495), and the Pro Series ($595). We reviewed the Pro Series for this write-up and purchased it from Amazon .

Setup & Cleanup

Each variation is simple to put together and take apart. The aluminum frames are color coded, so you can easily match one end with the other. The setup took about 10 minutes the first time around and the disassembly took around the same time. Once you do it for the first time you can setup the net in around 5 minutes, which is the same with the cleanup. Out of the three nets we tested, it is the least convenient to set up and clean up.


The Net Return Pro Series is great for indoor and/or outdoor use. It’s 7.5 ft. tall, 8 ft. wide, and has a depth of 3.5 ft. The actual weight is 28 lbs., the heaviest out of all the nets we tested. We tested ours in our office and it took up quite a bit of space. Unless the room is empty, you need to disassemble after each use. The garage or the backyard is probably the best place to permanently setup the net.


The quality of the actual net that catches the ball is above average. We were comfortable swinging our drivers with a standard golf ball. One thing we really liked about this golf practice net is the fact that we could stand fairly close to the net, so we were able to use any club without the fear of hitting it over the net or majorly hooking or slicing. Couple negatives: the ball doesn’t come back to you unless you’re close to the front of the net and you can’t really tell if you’re hitting the ball correctly or not.

Spornia Golf Practice Net: $184 – $240



  • Best Auto-ball return system (you can use one or multiple balls)
  • Dual layer net system
  • Instant feedback on your swing
  • Setup and Cleanup in 1 minute
  • Chipping basket (optional)


  • Not the best choice to hit full swing wedges
  • Hitting mat not included.

Full Spornia Golf Net Review

The Spornia Golf Net has one of the more intuitive designs compared to many of the hitting nets on the market. We purchased the Spornia Golf Practice Net that includes the new Chipping Basket from (yes, that is the name of the actual site).

Setup & Cleanup

The Spornia Net looks more sophisticated than all the other nets, but surprisingly the setup and cleanup was quick and easy. The first time around, it took close to 5 minutes to setup and about 5 minutes to put away. After a few more times we were able to set it up in about a minute and clean up in less than a minute.


Comparable to the Net Pro Series. The Spornia Net is 7 ft. high, 8 ft. wide, and 7 ft. in depth. The net weighs in at 20 lbs. Like the Net Pro Series net, the Spornia hitting net can take up a lot of space, but the great thing about the Spornia Net is that you can disassemble easily. Best in an empty room or in the garage. You can use this net anywhere outside.


The Spornia Golf Practice Net is packed with innovations. Let’s start with the net. The Spornia hitting net has two layers. The first layer (where the ball encounters the ball) is a large target sheet that absorbs the sound and impact of the golf ball. Behind that is the actual net which is similar in quality compared to the Net Return Pro. This is a great design because like other nets there are two layers of protection and you don’t have to worry about the ball ripping through the net, which is a major issue in many of the nets out there today.

Another great design is its patented ball return system. One, the ball literally comes back to you after each swing. Two, the net gives you great feedback on how you are hitting the ball. If it’s a hook or a slice, the ball will spin to the right or the left of the target sheet and roll down the side of the net. If you hit the ball correctly, it will come straight down. You can also practice your putting!

In addition, the added chipping basket is a great because you can adjust the height of the basket to practice your different shots and angles. And FINALLY, the bottom of the net is raised so your ball never touches the hard floor.

One drawback. Chipping is fine, but with full swings with high loft irons, it is quite possible that you will hit the ceiling if you’re not careful. The problem is, there is always at least a 7-ft. distance between you and the back of the net, and you can’t stand any closer.


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